Real Estate Broker License Renewal

I am a Real Estate Broker. What are the requirements for the renewal of my license?

The requirements to renew your license for the first time:

A broker must complete the 60-hour post-licensing course, within the initial renewal period, prior to the expiration date.

The requirements to renew your license after the first renewal:

A broker is required to complete 14 hours of continuing education every two years prior to renewing the license as long as it is not the first renewal. (Post-licensing education must be done in order to renew in the first renewal cycle.)

Failure to complete the 14hrs CE will cause the license to become involuntary inactive. The licensee can not renew the license if they have not done the required continuing education. The department allows up to 12 months after the expiration date to complete the 14 hours continuing education and pay the renewal fee, which will include a late fee of $45. You may not operate while your license is inactive.

If a broker allows the license to remain involuntary inactive for more than 12 months, but less than 24 months, a 28-hour reactivation education course is required as well as all renewal and late fees before the end of their second renewal cycle. Failure to do so will result in the license going to null and void.

See Section 475.182, Florida Statutes for more details and exact wording on Renewal of a license and continuing education.

See Section 475.183, Florida Statutes for more details and exact wording on License Inactive status