Professional Inspection Contract Requirement

Is it necessary or required for the Buyers to hire a Professional Inspector?

The answer depends on the type of contract. The AS-IS Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Contract does not require the use of a Professional Inspector. Even though It is recommended the use of a Professional Inspector during the Inspection Period, it is not a requirement of this type of contract. This AS-IS contract does not require the Sellers to repair the property. However, it allows the Buyers to inspect the property during the days negotiated in the contract for that purpose and counting from the effective date (Inspection Period). The Buyer can have any type of inspections during this period, even with a just look of the outside of the property it may suffice the requirement.

On the other hand, the contract for Residential Sale and Purchase (CRSP) and the standard Florida Realtors/Florida Bar Contract, call for Sellers to be required, if negotiated and in the contract, to make repairs to the property. In this case, most of the inspections contemplated by the contracts require a professional inspector or person specializing in the area and holding a license (if required by law) should buyers want contractually required repairs made.