Permissible Activities of an Unlicensed Assistant

Sometimes Real Estate Agents get to talk or deal with Real Estate Assistants and there is always a doubt on the permissible duties and responsibilities of these assistants with respect to what it is allowed by Law. What type of activities can be performed by a Real Estate Assistant?

Unlicensed assistant is defined as support staff for a real estate corporation or other licensed individuals.

FREC has issued the following specific guidelines as to the tasks which unlicensed assistants may perform under their broker’s supervision:

  • Answer the phone and forward calls
  • Fill out and submit listings and changes to any multiple listing services
  • Follow-up on loan commitments after a contract has been negotiated and generally secure the status reports on the loan progress
  • Assemble documents for closing
  • Secure documents (public information) from courthouse, utility district, etc.
  • Have keys made for company listings, order surveys, termite inspections, home inspections and home warranties with the licensed employer’s approval
  • Write ads for approval of the licensee and the supervising broker, and place advertising (newspaper ads, websitesdate, etc); prepare flyers and promotional information for approval by licensee and the supervising broker
  • Receive, record and deposit earnest money, security deposits and advance rents
  • Only type the contract forms for approval by licensee and supervising broker
  • Monitor licenses and personnel files
  • Compute commission checks
  • Place signs on property
  • Order items of repair as directed by licensee
  • Prepare flyers and promotional information for approval by licensee and supervising broker
  • Act as a courier service to deliver documents, pick-up keys
  • Place routine telephone calls on late rent payments
  • Schedule appointments for licensee to show a listed property
  • Be at an open house for:
    • Security purposes
    • Hand out materials (brochures)
  • Answer questions concerning a listing from which the answer must be obtained from the licensed employer-approved printed information and is objective in nature (not subjective comments)
  • Gather information for a Comparative Market Analysis
  • Gather information for an appraisal
  • Hand out objective, written information on a listing or rental

Be aware of this: Assistants could drive customers to a listing or rental (but NOT “show” the property).