Payment of Referral Fee to people in Foreign Countries

Can a Broker pay a Referral Fee to a person that lives in a forrign country?

It could be done!. However, there is the following to take in consideration according to the Legal Center of the Florida Association of Realtors:

"Section 475.25(1)(h), Florida Statutes, permits a “licensed broker of this state to share a real estate brokerage commission with a broker licensed or registered under the laws of a foreign state so long as the foreign broker does not violate any law of this state.”

It’s been FREC’s position that a Florida broker may pay a referral fee or share a commission with someone from a foreign country that lacks licensing requirements so long as: 1) the person has not violated the laws/regulations of the country where the referral is being made and; 2) the person has not violated Florida law. "